Mini Air Hockey Table



Prepare yourself and your friends for lightning quick action on any tabletop with the 35” Air Hockey Game Table ! This is the perfect size for fast paced fun without committing to a full sized table. You can now enjoy the merriment of air hockey in any room of your house and can easily transport this unit. This table features a fully powered 110V motor outputting a luxurious cushion of air for a full size experience in a fraction of the space. The motor is powered by an included AC adapter, so there’s no need to worry about replacing batteries. For fast and accurate scoring, the Air Hockey Table comes packaged with manual abacus scorers. The package is completed with two pucks and two pushers.

  • Enjoy all the fast paced action of air hockey without committing to the size of a full table.
  • Compact construction allows for maximum portability or storage when the play is over.
  • A built in 110V motor provides a luxurious cushion of air to keep the puck moving.
  • Quickly and easily keep track of the score with manual abacus-style scorekeepers.
  • Includes two pucks and two paddles.



  •    1 – Table Top Air Hockey Game
  •    2 – Paddles
  •    2 – Pucks
  •    1 – Power Cord

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