Compactor 13″ X 18″ – Vibratory Plate




The VP series provides a simple, compact and proven design available in a variety of sizes and features to fit a wide range of applications.  These singe direction vibratory plates are ideal for base preparation, asphalt compaction, interlocking paving stones and for the compaction of mixed soils in confined spaces.  The specially designed base plate and guide handle provide for easy operation and maneuverability.  The low vibration guide handle allows for longer working hours and less fatigue for the operator.


  • Water tank models provide excellent results for hot and cold asphalt compaction.


  • Tapered base plate with rounded edges minimized the formation of undesired edges when turning the equipment.


  • Ergonomically designed lifting handles make loading and unloading easier for the operator.




  •    Operating Weight:                    135 lbs
  •    Centrifugal Force:                 2,473 lbf
  •    4 Stroke Gasoline Engine
  •    Fuel Tank Capacity:                   .66 Gallons



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