Propane tanks can be used in: Barbeque Grills, Heaters, Fork Trucks, RVs, Torches, Trucks, etc.We fill tanks by the pound – RVs & vehicles filled by the gallon Kerosene for heaters

Rental World stocks for the following sizes: 1 lb tanks, 20lb tanks, 40lb tanks, 100 lb tanks

General Info:
1 lb of propane will generate:  21,591 BTU | 1 gallon of propane will generate: 91,690 BTU at 60 deg. F

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How to Size a Propane Tank:

If you have a propane tank and you need to know what size it is, all you’ll need is simple measuring tape. Most consumer propane tanks or cylinders are the following four general sizes; 20 lbs., 30 lbs., 40 lbs., 100 lbs.

Measure your propane tank vertically from the bottom to the base of the tank’s collar. The collar is the piece of metal that surrounds the propane tank’s valve.

Next, wrap your measuring tape around the propane tank to measure its diameter.

Compare your height & diameter to determine the size, see chart below:

18 inches12.5 inches20-lb. propane tank
24 inches12.5 inches30-lb. propane tank.
29 inches12.5 inches40-lb. propane tank
48 inches14.5 inches100-lb. propane tank