Pony Hops Race – Large Pony Bouncer



And they’re off ~ here’s the chance to be your own jockey and race your pony or just bounce around.  Inflatable Pony Hop bouncer adds a little bit of humor and a whole lot of fun for both the participant and spectator!  Pony Hops are available in 3 sizes to fit your smallest to largest jockey.


Pony Hops are rented in pairs (2 of the same size).

Recommended Sizes:

Small Bouncer: 3 to 6 years of age
Medium Bouncer: 7-10 years of age
Large Bouncer: Teens & Adults


Inflatable Bouncing Pony Hops Are:

  • Made with Commercial Grade Materials
  • Great for On-Field Sports Promotions
  • Designed for almost any Surface
  • 750 lb Weight Limit on All Sizes
  • Great for Kids, With out the MESS



  •    2 – Inflatable Ponies Large
  •    1 – Blower
  •    1 – Bag


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