Speed Cage


The key to any successful athlete is their ability to accurately pin point a shot into the zone and to change the speed high – low or inside – outside, before stepping into a live game setting.  The Speed Cage gives an opportunity to refine skills in a safe controlled environment.  Whether used for fun or professionally and regardless of age or skill level, this game will challenge you and help you achieve your goals or just have fun playing around.  Portable, rugged and easy to set up game features a professional sports radar gun.



  •   28 – Poles
  •   15 – Coupler
  •    8 – 3 Way Fittings
  •    1 – T Fitting
  •  35 – Bungee Cords
  •    1 – Banner
  •    1 – Net


Available Backdrops: Baseball, Hockey and Soccer

SOCCER (RC# 6532)

Speed and strength gives you the competitive edge on the field.  Soccer players from little tykes to the big kids will be lining up to give it a shot.  Kick and score!  It’s a winner at any event!


  •    1 – Cage (See Speed Cage for details)
  •    1 – Soccer Kick Canvas
  •    2 – Soccer Balls

HOCKEY (RC # 6515)

A slap shot in hockey is the hardest shot one can perform.  It has four stages which are executed in one fluid motion to make the puck fly into the net.  Hockey fans will love having fun with this game while perfecting skills for on and off the ice.


  •    1 – Cage (See Speed Cage for details)
  •    1 – Hockey Canvas
  •    3 – Hockey Sticks
  •    2 – Hockey Pucks
  •    2 – Street Hockey Balls


Swing Batter Batter Swing!!!   Compete and practice your pitching before ever stepping on the mound.  This portable, rugged Speed Cage with Baseball Backdrop game is easy to set up and features a professional sports radar gun which can clock speeds from 6 to 150 mph. Guests will love finding out their pitching speed – how fast is your pitch?


  •    1 – Cage (see Speed Cage for details)
  •    1 – Baseball Backdrop
  •    6 – Baseballs

INSTRUCTIONS: Speed Cage Instructions